What Our Clients Say…

“Spiff was great in helping me get rid of the old, organizing and packing up for an unexpected move. Will definitely suggest Spiff to any family and friends looking for an organizing company!”

Vito | Homeowner | Addison, IL

“I would never had started on my organizing if you hadn’t been there to support my efforts!  I was very uneasy about the undertaking and thinking it would be hard to throw out part of my life.  But as we got started, it became freeing to get rid of old stuff and old files that would never be used again. As the Buddha says…you can’t fill the teacup until you empty it first!  Thanks for everything.”

Jeanne | Business Owner | Chicago, IL

“I just want you to know that your support continues to motivate both of us.  I’m grateful for your help and motivation. I could not have done this without you.  As a result of your support and organizing talents I was able to have my garage sale this weekend. During the sale I found out that a machine I am selling is worth $1000.00. We had no idea!  With your encouragement to let go of things we don’t need we are uncovering treasures and lightening our load at the same time. You are the answer to a prayer for me – a true blessing.  You’re the best!”

Michelle | Homeowner  | Lake Zurich, IL

“I was extremely delighted with Spiff. The staff was professional, organized and gave me top notch service. I am extremely happy and satisfied with their service.”

Donna | Homeowner | Lake In The Hills, IL

“I don’t know how to thank you for your help in my recent downsizing and move.  I, and my son, don’t know how I could have been able to be ready for the closing if not for Spiff.  Your knowledge, professionalism and empathy made the whole thing work.  Thanks so much and please let me know if I can talk to anyone that is considering your services.”

JA | Homeowner | Hawthorne Woods, IL