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Giant generation has gobs of ‘heirlooms’ but no one wants them; the porcelain birds

Mark and Cathy Schroeckenstein with their dog, Billie Jean, and their heirloom lamp. Mark and Cathy Schroeckenstein with their dog, Billie Jean, and their heirloom lamp. PHOTO: CATHY SCHROECKENSTEIN


Peculiar items are popping up at the home of Cathy and Mark Schroeckenstein, a young couple in Minneapolis.

A cement bunny appeared on the doorstep. A rusted baker’s rack materialized on the patio. A lamp that is “like so gaudy….kind of gold” and “really old school” was plopped in the kitchen, says Ms. Schroeckenstein.

The culprits, it turned out, were her in-laws.

Cathy Schroeckenstein’s lamp Cathy Schroeckenstein’s lamp

David and Christine Schroeckenstein, both in their 60s, plan to relocate to a sleek Scottsdale, Ariz., condo from Minnesota after David, an allergist, retires next…

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