Home Staging

Experienced Real Estate Agents know that a home that is beautifully staged tends to sell faster than one that is not.  Also, vacant home are often perceived to have lower value than homes that are staged and can receive lower offers from buyers who perceive the owner is desperate to sell.

SPIFF provides customized staging solutions tailored to YOUR home:

Staging Consultation. Some home sellers have have the time and resources to stage their own home.  For these clients, our “Consultation” services may be just the answer!   We meet with you, tour your home and then provide detailed, room-by-room written recommendations for “de-cluttering” items, arranging existing items and/or adding key decorating enhancements.  Your staging plan will be tailored to your home and provides a range of staging options.

Full-Service Staging. This service provides a complete staging of your home.  We can work with you to “declutter” or simply store unneeded items.  This service is generally appropriate for vacant homes, homes with few furnishings, or homes that have not been updated for many years. We supply furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories to create an inviting yet distinctive atmosphere that attracts home buyers. Every house is different and we quote each project individually.