Move Management

SPIFF will help you plan for a hassle free, efficient move! We work with you to create a move plan tailored to your resources, capacity and time frame.  We are specifically trained and skilled at supporting our senior clients during this emotional time.

We can complete all or some of the tasks required for your move.

SPIFF Move Management Consultants provide:

  • Free “no obligation” in-home Consultation
  • Assistance with sorting, downsizing and organizing household items
  • Facilitate liquidation of unneeded items (estate sale, appraisal, donations, etc.)
  • Create a custom floor plan for your new home with the ideal furniture placement for your safety and comfort
  • Coordinate dates and schedules for all downsizing and relocation activities
  • Coordinate movers – be on-site for moving day
  • Secure competitive pricing for additional services needed (e.g. estate sale companies, appraisers, realtors, carpenters, painters, cleaning,  trash hauling, etc.).
  • Organize packing, unpacking and setup of new home
  • Create complete inventory of assets

Our clients often site our role as a trusted and professional point of contact for all family members – as an invaluable resource during the move.

Call us for a free phone or in-home consultation to see how we can help!