Speaking Engagements

I have presented to hundreds of groups of people from 10 to 200 and would love to speak to your group about my passions…downsizing and organizing our lives and offices!


Downsize, Organize and Eliminate Your Stuff | Focused on motivating attendees to ‘downsize’ and eliminate unneeded household furniture and items. Especially for those planning a move from a long time family home.

Get Organized: Clear the Clutter for What’s Next! | Let’s talk about easing transitions…moving from the  family home, combining households, dorm to first apartment – just to name a few!

Organizing Your Kitchen  | One of the most important work spaces in the home.  Get it organized and better supporting the way you and your family enjoy food preparation.


To APP or not to APP | When does integrating an app make you more effective and when does it just add more work to the process.  We explore a variety of apps and how to modify your work flow to best incorporate them.

LEAN Principles To Improve Office Productivity | Integrate basic LEAN principles to help your smaller company get organized and improve efficiency.

Managing Effective Meetings | Whether with clients or your employees,  high-quality meetings can improve efficiency and profitability.


“I’d like to thank you for such a wonderful program.  I heard great reviews from our attendees!  I would love to have you back in the future”. 

Brittany Ramos | Adult Services Event Coordinator | Green Hills Public Library District


“Thank YOU Vicki! You did a great job of empathizing with the attendees. Your presentation had great content that was immediately helpful  AND it was entertaining.  Thank you again!.”

Joy Little | Director of Community Relations | Cedar Lake Assisted Living